I can’t dance with you in the rain

1 min read Mar 30, 2021

I can’t dance with you in the rain

You were my soulmate. You were. But our souls aged. You’ve become twisted like an old tree. You were the rainbow. You were the sparkling ocean on a summer day. I was the road beside the waters running next to you everywhere you turned.

Now I see us, standing in a dead forest by a lake on a cold, overcast day. You’re sinking in that lake. I’m tethered to you, and I’m drowning. The death of you is killing me. You aren’t trying to save yourself. You just stare at me and watch us both go down.

I can’t sit with you in this. We used to laugh away the shadows hanging over our heads. There’s no more laughter here. You’re tired, and it’s worn me out. This chain is rusted. The roof has holes in it. You’re painted in grey.

It’s dark outside. You’re standing in the storm. But I can’t dance with you in the rain anymore.

Picsew | Ezra
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